As a designer, I finds herself inspired to fulfil the need for Ecologically Sound Materials.  The scenery around me provides inspiration all year; yet in autumn it all seems much more vivid and colourful.

The immediate appeal of using fallen-leaves, for this new composite material, is that no damage is caused to the trees themselves.  This, previously untapped, resource is almost limitless, and refreshes yearly.  “Re:connect” was chosen as a name for this project, as the leaves are being reconnected with the tree, the wood from which they once came.

The purpose, of the Re:connect project, is to explore its versatility and to make it available for all interior and product design options.  The material can be easily formed into any pre-determined shape, or size.   A chair, lampshades, and surface decoration, are just some of the items that have been created. 

The potential of this new material seems to continue growing ever onwards, like the leaves on the trees. | Re:connect